SAVANNAH, Ga. – December 20, 2017 – Quantum Ammunition announces Patent No: US 9,841,260 detailing the design, use of and manufacturing process for the ARX® and similar projectiles.  Amongst other claims, the unique geometry of the bullet results in unparalleled terminal ballistics.

The ARX anchors Quantum’s Inceptor® brand ammunition and component bullets. This versatile projectile is offered in the Preferred Defense and Preferred Hunting lines. The ARX sets itself apart from other competitors with its performance related to fluid dynamics.

The bullet is designed to maximize hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer on target. On impact the ARX disperses energy forward and laterally. It is also barrier blind and non-expanding to further differentiate it from other bullets on the market.

“The ARX has been different, new and revolutionary from inception,” said ARX co-inventor and Quantum Ammunition President Paul Lemke. “Having this distinction brings even more credibility to our projectile and our complete line of ammunition. We look forward to using this momentum to continuing to build the most advanced ammunition available. We’re constantly innovating to offer additional high-tech solutions to the personal defense, hunting, military and law enforcement markets.”

About Inceptor

Introduced in 2012, Inceptor Ammunition features the world’s most advanced composite materials and manufacturing methods. Serving domestic and international lines of business, Inceptor is available through fine shooting sports retailers everywhere. Proudly made in the USA, Inceptor brand ammunition is designed for superior training, lethality, consistency and performance. A full line of component bullets for handloaders was also added in 2017. For more information about Inceptor Ammunition and components visit

About Quantum Ammunition

Quantum Ammunition is a subsidiary of Quantum Holdings. Quantum Holdings was established in 2014 focused on providing plastic solutions to the outdoor sporting, appliance, automotive and other industries in North America. Quantum Holdings operates with the objective of being a world-class plastics company centered in the idea of offering a variety of processes within multiple product segments with a growing North American footprint.  The fundamental vision to be the undisputed leader in engineering and quality is the driving force behind Quantum Holdings. More information is available at

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