SAVANNAH, Ga. – February 2, 2018 – Inceptor’s new 223 Rem Short-Range Rifle (SRR) offering was recently recognized as Best New Ammunition at the 2018 Big Rock West Show. The SRR offers unprecedented performance in the field and on the range in a variety of calibers. A patented injection-molding process and bullet design with copper-polymer materials deliver unprecedented frangibility on hardened steel targets and a completely unique set of performance characteristics in a duty setting.

Inceptor SRR projectiles are lead-free and loaded to tight specifications in high-quality brass cases. They perform very well in the semi-automatic platform and open up options not available with traditional ammunition. For real-world use, they offer non-sparking, low-ricochet and limited penetration rounds with unparalleled stopping power. These features make the Sport Utility Ammunition (SUA) line battlefield-ready for specialized urban missions and environments.

For training and the range, these new offerings give AK and MSR enthusiasts a lead-free, range-compliant load. The unmatched frangibility of the SRR bullets allows users to shoot hardened steel at distances much closer than with standard ball and/or hollow point rounds.

“This award is a great way to start our growth,” said Inceptor Ammunition President Paul Lemke. “Getting these new products and our complete line of ammunition in front of our diverse custom base is huge. We worked hard to get the SRR available in new, popular calibers. Big Rock Sports has been a great supporter of Inceptor ammunition from the beginning. Their service and attention to detail gets Inceptor on the shelves of a wide variety of accounts. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to continuing to provide the world’s most advanced ammunition.”

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